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We believe in empowering every child’s aquatic dream. We teach, develop and nurture each individual to bring out their best through our unique rewards programme, small class numbers and the experience and credibility of our teachers, who aim to inspire.


As of 21st April 2020, it has been announced that the circuit breaker will be extended until 1st June 2020. Let’s stay healthy, active and optimistic during this time to conquer this pandemic as one. We hope to be able to see everyone soon.


Below are some activities that can be done together with your child at home.Different things will be uploaded frequently, so stay tuned!

Dare to Dream

Swim Schooling is the brainchild of Singapore’s first Olympic Gold Medalist, Joseph Schooling.

Learn from the Champion

Joseph Schooling’s unique achievement and experiences have shaped the teaching practices of the swim school, and are embraced and adopted by our experienced and well-trained swimming coaches.

Nurturing Environment

Our progressive teaching styles are encouraging, positive and above all, we seek to provide a peace of mind for parents with our safe environment that ensures the best possible learning for the children.

Progressive Learning

The school runs a unique 8-stage progressive programme that teaches children skills from water confidence, lifesaving skill to champion’s technique for competitive swimming.

Character Building

We have a unique GO JOJO! Awards system that celebrates and honours the young sparks who seek to better themselves, and motivate others for the better.

Low Children-to-Coach Ratio

We believe in deploying a lower children-to-coach ratio (4:1 for stages 1 to 5, 6:1 for stages 6 to 8), allowing plenty of personal interaction with the coach and lots of fun.

8 Stages Awards

Our programme consists of 8 different stages.Each stage is designed to cater to children of different swimming proficiency.


Attained water confidence

Stage 2
​​young rookie

Achieved water independency

Stage 3

Attained underwater confidence and develop kicking technique


Learned backstroke, floating, co-ordination and water safety skill

Stage 5

For confident early swimmers to learn front crawl, develop backstroke, rotation and lifesaving

Stage 6

For confident swimmers to develop techniques for all four strokes for lifelong fitness and lifesaving


For confident swimmers to learn about competitive swimming and further develop the techniques of lifesaving

Stage 8

For confident swimmers to develop swimming skills and techniques for over 400 metres distance swim, fitness swimming and lifesaving skills


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One-time Registration

$50.00 (inclusive of a starter pack)

Learn-to-Swim (monthly)

$135 for 1 lesson/week

$250 for 2 lessons/week

$330 for 3 lessons/week

Competitive (monthly)

$250 for 9 sessions/week

*Fees are the same for months with 5 weeks

Private/Stroke Correction (per session)

1:1 = $150

1:2 = $80

1:3 = $70

Training Locations

Our Tampines Hub (Level 6)1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 520940


4.25pm – 7.50pm (Last class at 7.20pm)

Get there via Google Maps / Waze

Overseas Family School81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore 519292

Tuesdays & Thursdays (Thursdays unavailable at the moment)

5.15pm – 7.45pm (Last class at 7pm)

Get there via Google Maps / Waze

Head Office

80 Marine Parade Road

#09-08, Parkway Parade, 

Singapore 449269

Tel: +65 6447 2226 / +65 9650 2674Email: info@swimschooling.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enrol my child(ren)?

Before official registration, we will conduct a complimentary trial assessment to determine your child’s level of water confidence and ability and assign the best suitable stage to place your child in. Once we receive your registration details, we will add you to the school system and you will be officially registered.

2. What is included in the starter pack?

The mandatory starter pack includes a Swim Schooling T-shirt, swim goggles, towel, Swim Schooling swim cap, welcome card, and a progress passport.

​3. What is the programme like?

The school runs a fun progressive 8-stage programme.

4. What ages does Swim Schooling cater to?

We welcome all children aged between 3-12 years old.

5. What is the duration of the class?

For stages 1-5, classes are at 30mins. This is uniquely due to our designed lesson plans that will ensure the child gets the best out of the session, with minimal idling time, based on their current ability.For stages 6-8, classes will be at 45mins. Since the child is at higher learning ability, there will be a more advanced lesson plan to be done. For example, to build their endurance and to learn some lifesaving skills.

6. What happens after my child has passed the last stage?

Your child will have the option to audition for the Swim Schooling Competitive team and take part in competitions representing the school.

7. How qualified are Swim Schooling coaches?

Our coaches have a wide range of qualifications, experience and expertise from Singapore and the swimming world’s leading organisations incl:🇸🇬 SG Coach Level 1, 2 & 3🇸🇬 NCAP 1 & 2🇸🇬STA 1 & 2🇸🇬 NROC🇬🇧 UKCC Level 1, 2 & 3🇺🇸 ASCA Level 1, 2 & 3🇦🇺  AustSwim TWS & TCS

8. Does Swim Schooling offer one-to-one lessons?

Based on availability and request, we will be able to schedule for 1-to-1 sessions. Please contact us to arrange it.

9. Does Swim Schooling teach children with disabilities?

Yes, our teachers have been trained to teach children with disabilities. Please contact us to discuss and arrange for lessons according to the needs of your child.

10. How do I find out about my child’s progress at Swim Schooling?

Our coaches follow a swim matrix that tracks the status of the child’s progression. Interested parents can speak to their assigned coach to get a better understanding as well.

11. Can I observe the lesson?

Yes, there are viewing areas for parents at our venues.

12. Are parents required to get into the water?

Parents are not required to get into the water. Our teachers will take care of your child in the water.

13. How do I prepare my child for their lesson?

Children are expected to be ready 5 mins before their lesson begins, wearing a swimsuit, goggles, and a Swim Schooling swim cap.

14. What is the depth of the swimming pool?

At Our Tampines Hub, the teaching pool (outdoors) is 1.2m deep, and the competitive pool (indoors) is at 2m deep.The indoor pool in Overseas Family School is 1.25m deep.

15. What should I do if my child is unable to attend any particular lessons?

Before the start of a new week, kindly let the school administrator know that you will be missing class, and we can arrange a make-up class for you.In the case where you will be traveling overseas, kindly let the school administrator know, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

16. How do make-up classes work?

Make-up classes are only subject to availability and are only valid until the following month.

17. What if my child falls sick?

In the case where the child is unwell, a Medical Certificate is required to verify the absence of the child and to be eligible for a make-up class.

18. What happens if I am late for class?

There will be a 5mins grace period for every lesson. Classes that have been missed for more than 15mins will not be eligible for a refund or make-up class. We also do not extend class timings due to our back-to-back class schedules.

19. How are fees paid?

After registration, invoices will be sent to your email, inclusive of a payment link. Payments are strictly made via the online options: Stripe (credit card), PayNow, PayPal and bank transfer. We do not accept cash transactions.

20. If I have missed a class after paying the monthly programme fees, can I request a refund?

Refunds will be done on a case-by-case basis. But they are mainly not allowed for classes that have been missed after the programme fees have been paid. However, we will allow make-up classes to be arranged.

21. I can’t arrange for a make-up class on other days, what are my other options?

Subject to availability, make-up classes can be arranged before or after the child’s regular class, completing a back-to-back lesson.

22. If I have missed a class after paying the monthly programme fees, can I request a refund?

Refunds will be done on a case-by-case basis. But they are mainly not allowed for classes that have been missed after the programme fees have been paid. However, we will allow make-up classes to be arranged.

23. What is Swim Schooling’s wet weather policy?

Singapore’s weather can vary significantly across different areas. In the event of lightning activity, students swimming in the outdoor pool would be required to exit the pool immediately and move into the indoor pool to continue with their lessons as the indoor pool would be unaffected. If there is light rain, our teachers or venue operators will evaluate whether lessons are fit to be continued. 

24. Why can’t my child stick to the same coach?

Our coaches have his or her strengths and specialized teaching techniques. Our emphasis is on the child’s swimming ability and progression, not attachment to coaches. This will also help to train a child’s adaptability to different coaching styles.

25. Can I have my choice of instructor for my child’s swimming lessons?

Our coaches are well-educated and skilled in teaching, thus having confidence in their techniques and professionalism. Therefore, we do not practice the pre-arrangement of selection between instructors and students. You may register for a private class if it is necessary. 

Our Vision & Mission


What began as learning an essential life skill, became the very thing that defined my life. While my passion for swimming is able to bring success and has inspired many, I knew that I wanted to do something more; I wanted to give every child the same opportunity that I had, to dream bigger.”

– Joseph Schooling


Swim Where Your Heart TreadsWhether it is about building confidence in the water or about gliding towards your aspirations and goals; Your journey begins with you.  We are a swim school that believes in empowering every child’s aquatic dream. We teach, develop and nurture each individual to bring out their best through our unique rewards programme, small class numbers and the experience and credibility of our teachers, who aim to inspire.

We are a swim school that dares you to

start dreaming, start swimming, start Schooling.

Our Partners


Swim Schooling welcomes applications from professional, responsible, keen-to-learn, and well-organized swimming instructors to teach our Learn-to-Swim programme.

Please submit your qualifications together with a recent photograph to us at info@swimschooling.com.

Swim Schooling is affiliated with the Singapore Swimming Association.

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