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Dare to Dream

Swim Schooling is the brainchild of Singapore’s first Olympic Gold Medalist, Joseph Schooling.

Learn from the Champion

Joseph Schooling’s unique achievement and experiences have shaped the teaching practices of the swim school, and are embraced and adopted by our experienced and well-trained swimming coaches.

Nurturing Environment

Our progressive teaching styles are encouraging, positive and above all, we seek to provide a peace of mind for parents with our safe environment that ensures the best possible learning for the children.

Progressive Learning

The school runs a unique 8-stage progressive programme that teaches children skills from water confidence, lifesaving skill to champion’s technique for competitive swimming.

Character Building

We have a unique GO JOJO! Awards system that celebrates and honours the young sparks who seek to better themselves, and motivate others for the better.

Low Children-to-Coach Ratio

We believe in deploying a lower children-to-coach ratio (4:1 for stages 1 to 5, 6:1 for stages 6 to 8), allowing plenty of personal interaction with the coach and lots of fun.

8 Stages Awards

Our programme consists of 8 different stages.
Each stage is designed to cater to children of different swimming proficiency.
Stage 1 - Fresh Rookie
Stage 1

Attained water confidence

Stage 2 - Young Rookie
Stage 2

Achieved water independency

Stage 3 - Progressive Player
Stage 3

Attained underwater confidence and develop kicking technique

Stage 4 - Promising Performer
Stage 4

Learned backstroke, floating, co-ordination and water safety skill

Stage 5 - Bright Spot
Stage 5

For confident early swimmers to learn front crawl, develop backstroke, rotation and lifesaving

Stage 6 - First Class Hotshot
Stage 6

For confident swimmers to develop techniques for all four strokes for lifelong fitness and lifesaving

Stage 7 - Rising Star
Stage 7

For confident swimmers to learn about competitive swimming and further develop the techniques of lifesaving

Stage 8 - Super Star
Stage 8

For confident swimmers to develop swimming skills and techniques for over 400 metres distance swim, fitness swimming and lifesaving skills

OUR Mission


What began as learning an essential life skill, became the very thing that defined my life. While my passion for swimming is able to bring success and has inspired many, I knew that I wanted to do something more; I wanted to give every child the same opportunity that I had, to dream bigger.”

– Joseph Schooling


Swim Where Your Heart Treads
Whether it is about building confidence in the water or about gliding towards your aspirations and goals; Your journey begins with you.  We are a swim school that believes in empowering every child’s aquatic dream.

We teach, develop and nurture each individual to bring out their best through our unique rewards programme, small class numbers and the experience and credibility of our teachers, who aim to inspire.

We are a swim school that dares you to start dreaming, start swimming, start Schooling.

Joseph Schooling - Olympic Swimming Champion

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