We have rebranded!

Dear parents,

Thank you for your support and we hope your children have been enjoying their swim sessions with

One of the key values at Swim Schooling is to work hard and to improve ourselves. Thus we are
pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Sports Schooling. With a focus on swimming, Sports Schooling operate The Swim Lab and X Lab, catering to swimmers across the spectrum, from foundation building for beginners, to high-performance training for pool protégés.

What this partnership means for you is an expanded range of classes, coaches and pools to choose from.

We will be introducing new additions to our swimming curriculum and other exciting developments in
the next few months that will no doubt add to our programs.

Please feel free to contact us at info@sports-schooling.com or +65 8126 8564 and we will be happy to help you with your questions. 

  1. What can we expect from this partnership?
    The partnership will bring together a greater talent pool of coaches and a greater wealth of
    knowledge which will better cater to our students as they continue in their sporting journey.
  2. Other than OTH, what are the other venues we can go to for Swim Schooling?
    Students of Swim Schooling will be able to access classes from the following: 
    A. Learn to Swim – The Swim Lab (www.theswimlab.com)
    Hwa Chong Institution (661 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269734)
    Centre for Movement, NTU@one-north (11 Slim Barracks Rise, Level 4, Singapore 138664)
    B. Learn to Swim, Competitive and Adult Masters – X Lab (www.xlab.com.sg): 
    XCL World Academy (2 Yishun St 42)
  3. Do we have to pay more if we choose to go to other venues?
    Program fees differ based on venue and program type. Please refer to The Swim Lab (www.theswimlab.com) and X Lab (www.xlab.com.sg) websites for their respective program fees.
  4. Who are the other coaches?
    Both The Swim Lab and X Lab employ highly trained, experienced coaches with certification from
    ISA-Sports Lab Certificate of Swim Instruction, their in-house program jointly certified with the
    International Sports Academy. More information on our coaching teams can be found on their respective websites.

To find out more, kindly head over to www.sports-schooling.com .