Joseph Schooling launches Swim School in Singapore

Olympic Gold Medallist, Joseph Schooling, has launched his own swim school in Singapore on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. Swim Schooling is the brainchild of Joseph Schooling and Joseph’s unique achievement and experiences have shaped the practices of the swim school. Swim Schooling has partnered with a United Kingdom based company to deliver a unique programme and teacher development training, which we hope to inspire many more children on the correct path to success.

“I am excited at the launch of Swim Schooling, at our first venue at Our Tampines Hub.

I started swimming so that I could be water safe, which is an essential life skill. However, swimming became the very thing that defined my life and I would like to give every child the same opportunity with Swim Schooling,” said Joseph.

The structured Swim Schooling programme believes in empowering every child’s aquatic dream. Starting with classes from 2 July 2018 at Our Tampines Hub, the learn-to-swim programme runs a unique 8-stage progressive programme that teaches children aged 3 to 11 years old skills from water confidence, lifesaving to champion’s technique for competitive swimming.

May Schooling, Joseph’s mother and one of Swim Schooling’s Director, says: “One of the things that make Swim Schooling different is that we offer all children a free trial introduction to place them in the correct group for their ability and make them feel comfortable before they sign up for the programme. Our programme also includes parent feedback time with teachers and an awards scheme to celebrate each child’s success.

As part of Swim Schooling’s long-term goals, the school plans to expand further by including a few more venues in Singapore and in the Southeast Asia region.

“I want to see the growth of swimming as a sport, in Singapore and also in the Southeast Asia region. It is important that we start here, in Singapore, as I want to be involved with this project. I am confident that I can make my vision a reality,” said Joseph.

Swim Schooling has also been given a boost ahead of today’s launch with Speedo and Krislite coming on board as the Official Partners of Swim Schooling.

Swim Schooling will begin classes at Our Tampines Hub from 2 July 2018 with classes on Monday (3-8pm), Wednesday (3-8pm) and Thursday (3-7pm).