Swim Schooling Academy


The school runs a fun progressive 8-stage programme. Each stage will run for 10 weeks with a 30 minutes’ weekly lession. Students will go through the 8 stages of becoming a swimmer.

We welcome all children aged between 3-11 years old.
$32.40 per lesson paid at $135 per month.

There will be a complimentary swim trial conducted by our swimming teacher to assess your child’s level of water confidence and ability, and your child will be assigned to the stage which is appropriate for him/her.

Each class has a 6:1 children-to-coach ratio, allowing plenty of personal interaction with the coach and lots of fun.
Our teachers have to adhere to internationally-recognised certification standards for swimming and hold at least one of the following international qualifications:
  • NCAP Swimming Coaching 1 or 2
  • UKCC Level 1 or 2
  • STA Level 1 or 2
  • AustSwim qualification
  • ASCA Level 1 or 2
  • NROC Level 1 or 2
Based on availability and request, we are able to open one-to-one lesson slot. Please contact the coordinators in our swim school centre of your preference.
Yes, our teachers are specially trained to teach children with disabilities. Please contact us at info@swimschooing.com to discuss and arrange lessons according to the needs of your child.
Swim Schooling has an 8-Stage Swim Schooling Award that measures the students’ performance and achievement through our progress passport. The school also has a Go Jojo! award that celebrates and honours our young sparks.
Yes, there are viewing areas for parents at our venues.
Parents are not required to get into the water. Our teachers will take care of your child in the water.
Yes, a Swim Schooling speedo cap will be provided as part of your registration pack.
It varies from child to child. Depending on the stage your child is in and his/her water confidence level, the teacher will ensure your child has the appropriate swimming equipment needed. However, for stage 1, all children will be required to wear arm discs.
Our pools vary from 0.9 to 2m. Depending of the stages, our teachers may use a teaching platform in the water to ensure your child’s safety when necessary.
You can reschedule to another time slot based on availability.
Fees is to be paid monthly by direct bank transfer.

Singapore’s weather can vary significantly across different areas. In the event of lightning activity in any area of Singapore, students would be required to exit the pool immediately. Lessons would not be continued if lightning activity continues. If lesser than 50% of the lesson is completed, we will make refunds accordingly.

In the event of rain, students would also be required to exit the pool, unless notified otherwise by the staff of Swim Schooling. If there is light rain, our teachers or venue operators will evaluate whether lessons are fit to be continued.

A subsidary company of Schooling Sports Academy Pte Ltd
Swim Schooling

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Tel: +65 6447 2226

Email: info@swimschooling.com